Gerês Moderna Hotel has a prime location. There are several interesting reasons to visit Gerês mountain range: environment, landscapes, fauna and flora, cultural heritage, and nautical, religious and thermal tourism.

Gerês Moderna Hotel provides the customers a wide range of touristic offers, in partnership with diverse local entities.

As reference, we introduce you some activities and points of interest which you may enjoy while in vacation in Gerês.




Peneda-Gerês National Park (PGNP) is the only nationally protected area which belongs to the category National Park, the highest level in the rank of protected areas. It encompasses remarkable places of natural richness, where it is important to preserve the biodiversity of endemic habitats. Mata de Albergaria is one of those places and it has been distinguished by the Council of Europe as one of the European Continent’s Biogenetic Reserves – the “heart” of the Park.



“The most valuable waters in Europe in the most beautiful Portuguese mountain range” – Dr Ricardo Jorge.

Live and breathe health, by taking advantage of the excellent therapeutic qualities of the waters of Gerês Thermal Resort, a secular tradition in the region since the Roman times. Built in the 18th century, the first thermal establishment in Gerês is now a recently refurbished building, with more recent thermal equipment and techniques, which provides hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and electrotherapy treatments. Some leisure sports spaces and facilities complement this service, in a remarkable place for quiet and invigorating days.

Our hotel unit is situated near Gerês SPA and Thermae. We have protocols which enable us to offer discounts and other benefits to our customers.



Cascata do Arado comes from the mountain water courses derived from Camalhão and Teixeira Rivers, which flow to the Arado river.

Over that route, which overcomes a marked gap, a succession of cascades and ponds are generated, more or less deep and with constant clear water.

Cascata de Taiti, originally named Cascatas Fechas de Barjas, is a high mountain waterfall, whose waters come from the Arado River. This waterfall leads to a quiet and serene pond, with sand banks and crystal waters which constitute a reward to hikers who can behold or plunge in one of the most beautiful and biggest cascades in Gerês.



Barragem da Caniçada is situated in Terras de Bouro and Vila Verde municipalities, and may be considered the most beautiful “door” to Peneda-Gerês National Park, a real calling card which will remain in the visitors’ memory.

A river beach in the very heart of PGNT, surrounded by as astonishing natural landscape. It is the perfect place to spend quiet moments or practise water sports, with plenty of fun and adrenaline.


Uma das formas de admirar as paisagens naturais do Gerês, passa pela prática de caminhadas. Participe no programa de trilhos guiados de forma gratuita para os nossos clientes, num total de 168 caminhadas guiadas pela montanha e mais de 1200 km de trilhos.
A rede de Trilhos Pedestres “Na senda de Miguel Torga” disponibiliza um conjunto percursos sinalizados que possibilitam uma maior independência e segurança aos praticantes. Nesta actividade ao ar livre existem dois tipos de percurso: pequena rota (PR) e grande rota (GR), cada um marcado com cores que assinalam a tipologia do percurso, que servem de orientação aos pedestrianistas.
Os percursos envolvem temáticas e características diferenciadas, quanto à distância, grau de dificuldade e local, com a intenção de serem atractivos e acessíveis a todos os praticantes.

One of the ways to admire Gerês natural landscapes is to hike. Take part in the free of charge guided walks programme for customers – with 168 guided walks and more than 1200km in trails.


The Pedestrian Trails Network “Na Senda de Miguel Torga” offers a set of signalized routes, which provide more autonomy and safety to hikers. There are two types of route in this outdoor activity: short route / pequena rota (PR) and long route / grande rota (GR), each marked with colours which indicate the type of route and provide guidance to pedestrians.

The routes involve different themes and characteristics concerning length, difficulty level and place, aiming to be attractive and accessible to all participants.


Download Gerês trails maps here:

PR1 – Trilho da Cidade da Calcedónia – Cidade da Calcedónia Trail

PR2 – Trilho do Castelo – Castle’s Nature Trail

PR3 – Trilho dos Currais – The Corral’s Trail

PR4 – Trilho dos Moinhos e Regadios – Mills and Traditional Watering Trail

PR5 – Trilho da Águia do Sarilhão – “Sarilhão” Eagle Trail

PR7 – Trilho de São Bento – São Bento Trail

PR8 – Trilho do Couto de Souto – Couto de Souto Trail

PR9 – Trilho da Geira – Geira / Roman Road Trail

PR10 – Trilho Interpretativa das Silhas dos Ursos – “Silhas dos Ursos” Interpretive Trail

PR11 – Trilho da Preguiça – Preguiça Trail

PR12 – Trilho dos Moinhos de Sta. Isabel do Monte – Santa Isabel do Monte Mill’s Trail

PR14 – Trilho do Sobreiral da Ermida do Gerês – Sobreiral da Ermida do Gerês Trail



The mountain ranges Gerês and Amarela, the waterfalls and ponds, the viewpoints, fauna, flora and geology, interconnected in a spontaneous and natural authenticity, turn this region into strong patrimonial heritage in the environment and tourism sectors.

Viewpoints are open windows to enjoy the landscape immensity of this natural heritage, where Pedra Bela, Junceda, Boneca, Fraga Negra, Penedo da Freira, Mirante Novo, Mirante Velho and Bom Jesus das Mós stand out and can be visited by pedestrians and visitors who take part in “Miradouros” and “Silhas dos Ursos” Trails.

Miguel Torga wrote in his “Diário VII”: there are places in the world like certain human existences: everything combines so that nothing lacks to their greatness and perfection. This Gerês is one of them.



Homem River rises in Gerês, where you can enjoy magnificent clear waters surrounded by a rare natural beauty. It is a tributary river of Cávado River, where you can find Vilarinho das Furnas Dam.

The river banks stand out for the beautiful combination of mountain and riverside. Several waterfalls and natural ponds can be found in different points of its course.



Albufeira da Barragem de Vilarinho da Furna

Vilarinho das Furnas was – before the dam being constructed – a place in Campo do Gerês village, in Terras de Bouro municipality.

Nowadays Vilarinho das Furnas is submerged in the reservoir dam of the same name.

The construction of the dam led to the dislodging, in 1971, of the villagers. When the water level is low, you can still see houses, paths and walls of the old village.


Interior cripta São Bento da Porta Aberta

São Bento da Porta Aberta is a national reference when it comes to cultural and religious tourism. All over the year, thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit São Bento Sanctuary, located at the entrance of Gerês, in order to fulfill the most diverse promises and pray for new goodies to the one who is considered the greatest miracle worker in the North of the country.

São Bento da Porta Aberta Sanctuary became popular even in the most remote locations. Walks and pilgrimages in feast days – March 21st, July 11th, and, mainly, August 12th and 13th – lead the religious and the profane to intersect in a rich and natural symbiosis.


fauna e flora

Gerês is heterogeneous and offers a great diversity of fauna and flora. Besides boars and wolves, Gerês has deer, badgers, otters, martens, fitchews, etc. The golden eagle, despite rare, persists in the surveillance of heights in Gerês. The Garrano horse roams the Gerês valley, eating diverse vegetables, from grass to bushes and woody plants.

Gerês flora is represented by several species, such as Gerês Lilly, Corktree, Arbutus, Laurel, Gerês Fetus, Royal Fetus, Cranberry, Holly and Gerês Oak Tree.



*) Alguns dos conteúdos aqui incluídos foram obtidos na Wikipedia